Please, Please Please.. Don't Go Broke During Your Move

Moving truckMoving to a new location is exciting, and buying all the new stuff for your place—shower curtain, bathmat, art for the walls, accent pillows for the furniture—adds up quickly. Small-ticket items eat away at your bank balance like mice nibbling at a wedge of cheese, leaving little behind for important property-saving things like renter's insurance. In case anyone hasn't told you: Your landlord is not responsible for any damage to your stuff. The contents of your apartment are your responsibility, even if the building is responsible for frying your computer, flooding your bathroom or burning your crockpot. Renters insurance is an inexpensive way to ensure your stuff is covered in case of damage and theft. If you have an auto policy, check with your provider to see if it offers bundled pricing. Research on found that some policies start around $15 to $20 per month.

Comparison Shop

Before hiring a moving company or purchasing insurance at a new location, take the time to shop around. By obtaining a renter's insurance quote from several companies before the move and comparing the price of different moving services, it is possible to cut expenses dramatically.

Take the time to obtain prices and quotes for moving costs in your new location for long-term savings as well as saving on the initial payments.

Invest in Moving Apps

Investing in a mobile app for moving can save time and money. Moving applications for a smartphone or tablet are useful during the process of moving because they can help movers stay organized. By using an app to keep track of the plans, organize items for shipping and find local movers who will travel to the new location, it is easier to enjoy the process.

Lighten Your Load

Reducing the load before the big move can potentially cut the expense of moving dramatically. By recycling, throwing or donating unnecessary items, it is possible to cut back in several ways. The number of items going to the new home is reduced, which results in lower transportation costs. The size of the moving truck needed for the items becomes smaller, which cuts back on the expense of renting a bigger truck or hiring a mover.

Reducing the load is a simple way to make it easier to pack and more cost efficient. Making donations can also help reduce taxes later.

Consider Reusable Boxes

Renting reusable boxes is a great way to save on the costs of moving. Renting plastic boxes is less expensive than buying old cardboard boxes and it is not necessary to find a way to store the boxes later.

By renting moving supplies, it is easier to organize the moving truck and the possibility of items arriving broken is much less. Consumers who rent plastic boxes for the move pay a fraction of the expense of buying boxes and discarding them at the final destination.

Get Coverage for Expensive Items

While hiring a professional mover will help reduce the worries about broken belongings, it is a good idea to consider covering some of the expensive products. Moving does not have any guarantee of every item arriving without a scratch. In many cases, that big screen television or similar breakables are at risk of breaking during the trip, even when carefully packed.

By covering the expensive items, it is easier to replace them if it is broken during the move. Many professional movers will have guarantees that replace certain items, but moving personally with a rented truck does not offer the same peace of mind. Coverage will help ensure the financial risks are reduced.

Moving is about planning, preparation and careful budgeting to avoid overspending. Any individual who is looking for ways to save on their moving costs will need to start with comparing prices and looking for alternatives to the traditional approach. By carefully looking for deals and better rates and taking some other measures to cut cost, it is possible to make moving to a new home affordable.