Wyoming State

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Wyoming State Symbols, Facts & Info

The United States of America accepted Wyoming as the 44th state to enter the union. Below, you will find the official state symbols and interesting facts about Wyoming.

State Name:



Date of Statehood:
July 10, 1890

509,294 (US Census 2005 estimate)

Primary Agriculture:
Wyoming is second in the country in wool production, third in sheep and lamb stock, 7th in sugar beets, 9th in barley and 10th in dry beans. Other top agricultural products include beef, hay, vegetables, timber, corn and wheat.

Primary Industry:
Wyoming ranks first in the United States in coal production. Wyoming currently has enough coal reserves (70 billion tons) to last 500 years. Wyoming leads the nation in production of bentonite, used by the oil drilling industry but it is also used in cosmetics, foods, cement manufacturing, toothpaste, wine clarifying, animal feed binder, water softeners and for fighting forest fires. Wyoming also has the largest known reserve of trona in the world, estimated from 50 to 100 billion tons. Trona is used in the manufacturing of glass, baking soda, paper, soaps, water softeners and pharmaceuticals. Wyoming crude oil production ranks fourth behind Texas, Louisiana and California.

The Equality State

Equal rights.

Indian Paintbrush (Legislation of 1917)
Picture of the Indian Paintbrush, the official state flower of Wyoming.

Plains Cottonwood (Legislation of 1961)

Meadowlark (Legislation of 1927)
Picture of the Meadowlark, the official state bird of Wyoming.
 Enlarge Bird

Cutthroat Trout (Legislation of 1987)

None (Legislation Pending)

Jade (Legislation of 1967)

Official State Seal:
Official State Seal of Wyoming.
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Official State Flag:
Official State Flag of Wyoming.
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State Commemorative Quarter:
From the 1999-2008 United States Mint 50 State Quarters® Program
Commemorative state quarter of Wyoming.
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State Postage Stamp:
From the 2002 United States Postal Service Greetings from America series.
34 cent Greetings from America commemorative stamp of Wyoming state.
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