You're Now an Urban Professional in Training: Climb That Corporate Ladder Or Die Trying

You know the “young urban professional:” the guy who's "going places" and needs everyone to hear about it.

Why is that? Mostly it’s the outward signs of an inward drive, but read on young one, and you'll be introduced to the very steps necessary to become a white collar hipster in training.

Dress the Part

Around the office, your outward appearance is a big part of what sets you apart from the herd as an urban professional. This means you can’t dress exactly like everyone else in the office—you have to stand out—but not too much. People can't know you care that much, but it's obvious that you do, wait, you don't…care, catch the drift?

Nothing screams, “I’m a young professional,” like the right hair. You have to go to an expensive, trendy salon because Supercuts or the mom-and-pop location down the street simply won't cut it—no pun intended. Millennials can tell a cheap haircut from a mile away, so don’t skimp here.

And, if you must wear sunglasses, nothing fake—only Ray-Bans.

If you want people to see you as an urban professional, your days of wearing Keds and Converse in public are over. Pro hipsters dress in the shoe brands that scream “I have arrived!” at the top of their lungs. Adidas or LA Gear for casual, while Gucci and Prada will suffice for work. No big deal.

Only the Best

Accessorize to enhance your image by having only the best toys. This means you want the newest Apple iPad with the fastest processor, largest screen and the largest amount of Internet storage and active memory. Your smartphone is either the newest iPhone or the newest Samsung, and you’ve got it on the best, unlimited-everything plan. You could use your phone for listening to music, but that’s so lower ranks — you’ve got the newest iPod with 64 or 128 GB of storage.

Have the Right Wheels

When you’re out and about furthering your career, you need a set of wheels that oozes young urban pro. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on something like a BMW, Porsche or Audi, or you could save yourself a bundle (maybe to help pay for clothing and haircuts) and go with the stylish new 2013 Kia Optima. Your car is where you can do a little personal expression — or a little more, for that matter.

Your work and casual attire have to reflect your go-getter attitude, so you’re stuck with dark blues, browns, pinks, and blacks. With your car, you have a larger selection of colors while still remaining faithful to the youthful professional image. You can choose from dark blues, black, and maroon. Think "power colors."

You’ve got to keep up with technology in your car, as well. You'll need techie accessories like Bluetooth connectivity, smart key and push-button start, Sirius radio from Infinity, rear-camera display (urban pros can’t be bothered with turning their heads to look behind them, it’s in the past), Microsoft UVO Infotainment, with voice-activated navigation. Just the basics, you know.

Of course, you also need steering controls for all your awesome audio, and it has to have USB/auxiliary inputs.

Now you know the major points to become a white collar hipster in training. It's time to put this training to use and take the next step to a “young urban professional.”

Image by kevin pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.