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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

US faces 'snowmageddon' round two

America's Mid-Atlantic region, which was blanketed under a massive snowfall only days ago, is now bracing for another winter blast.

Washington is still digging itself out after the storm dubbed "snowmageddon", which dumped 70 to 100 centimetres of snow across the region.

With the government shutdown, schools closed and roads icy, frozen locals say they have had enough of the northern hemisphere winter.

"It's the worst winter I've ever had to experience," one resident said.

Now forecasters say with two low pressure systems on a collision course, up to 45 centimetres of snow could soon fall on Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

Washington's Department of Public Works' Bill Howland says snow ploughs are not coping.

"The snow got too high so we're now using bulldozers," he said.

America's snow bound cities are calling in the National Guard to help.