U.S. Presidential Election 2008
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January 30, 2008
Giuliani looks to be out of the race
Rudolph W. Giuliani all but abandoned his presidential bid Tuesday night after finishing a distant third in Florida, the state that was supposed to launch his campaign but instead sank his hopes before the vote count was even complete. Read more
Edwards quitting presidential race
Former Sen. John Edwards is dropping out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, CNN has learned.

Edwards has told top advisers about his decision. It is expected he will announce it at a speech in New Orleans, Louisiana, at 1 p.m. Wednesday. Read more

Romney Remarks on Florida Results
Republican John McCain completed an improbable journey from written off to front-runner Tuesday by winning Florida's presidential primary.

The Arizona senator's third win in the four primaries so far, political analysts say, makes him the favorite for the nomination as the candidates head into a 22-state national primary on Feb. 5. Read more

January 29, 2008
Kennedy Endorses Obama for US President
Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama received a major boost Monday when he was endorsed by Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts. Obama is in a fierce battle with Senator Hillary Clinton of New York for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone reports from Washington. Read more

January 27, 2008
Barack Obama wint in South Carolina
Barack Obama trounced his New York counterpart, Sen. Hillary Clinton, in Saturday's South Carolina primary, giving his campaign a significant boost as the race for the Democratic presidential nomination heads into a crucial phase. Read more

January 23, 2008
Fred Thompson Bows Out Of '08 Presidential Race
Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, who is perhaps best known for his work on "Law & Order," has pulled his name out of the proverbial hat, announcing Tuesday (January 22) through his Web site that he won't be seeking the Republican nomination for president. Read more

McCain wint in South Carolina
Sen. John McCain was the projected winner of South Carolina's Republican primary Saturday night despite a strong showing by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee among the evangelical Christian voters who dominated the day's turnout.
Read more

Clinton Wins Nevada Democratic Caucuses
New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has won Nevada's Democratic caucuses, giving her two early contest wins over her rivals for her party's presidential nomination. Read more

January 19, 2008
Romney Wins Republican Caucus
Republican Mitt Romney won Nevada's caucus, according to media projections Saturday.

The former Massachusetts governor was favored to win the Silver State, as the only major candidate to have focused his efforts here, while Arizona Sen. John McCain and Mike Huckabee were locked in a tight battle for South Carolina. Polls close in South Carolina at 7 p.m. ET. Read more

January 18, 2008
Obama and Clinton Seek a Softer Tone
The three top Democratic presidential candidates have competed full-out to win the Nevada caucuses here Saturday in a tumultuous atmosphere marked by legal challenges and uncertainty about an untested process.

In its debut in an early slot on the nominating calendar, Nevada offers Democrats the first chance to demonstrate their appeal in a Western state with a large Hispanic population and a significant union presence. Read more

January 16, 2008
Romney wins Michigan primary
Mitt Romney won his native state's presidential primary today, earning his first major victory in the Republican race, in which candidates seemingly win and then lose the leadership spot each week.

Romney, the son of a former governor and auto executive here, defeated a Republican field headed by Arizona Sen. John McCain, who won the New Hampshire primary last week, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won the Jan. 3 caucus in Iowa. Read more

January 15, 2008
Economy may be key in Michigan vote today
Michigan's Republican presidential primary today is this election year's first clear referendum on who voters think can best manage — and revive — the slumping economy, in a state where the November jobless rate was 7.4 percent — the nation's highest. With most major Democratic candidates not competing here, the focus is on the Republican candidates. Read more