U.S. Presidential Election 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mitt Romney Captures Maine GOP Caucus

Mitt Romney captured the Maine Republican caucus vote on Sunday in a contest that received little in the way of media coverage in advance of the Super Tuesday primary voting. Despite the lack of attention, Maine Republicans provided Romney with a lion's share of the vote and another 18 delegates.

With 68 percent of the votes counted there, Romney won 52 percent of the Republican vote compared to 21 percent of John McCain.

Ron Paul, who campaigned extensively in the state, received 19 percent while Mike Huckabee received the support of six percent of GOPers there.

Most of Romney's delegates have come in states like Maine -- including Wyoming and Nevada -- where Republicans caucused and received little attention. Romney also won the Michigan primary.

McCain's victories in Florida and South Carolina have provided the bulk of his delegates while Huckabee won the initial battle in Iowa. Ron Paul won four delegates in Nevada and no other candidate earned any delegates in the race.

Looking ahead, McCain has a commanding lead in most of the Super Tuesday states and is sure to not only add to his delegate total but possibly win the nomination outright depending on the results tomorrow.