U.S. Presidential Election 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton takes New Mexico

Hillary Clinton finally has been credited with winning the popular vote in New Mexico's Democratic caucus, nine days after Super Tuesday voting ended. The announcement came after a marathon hand count of 17,000 provisional ballots.

The final count gave Clinton 48.8 per cent of the total, compared with rival Barack Obama's 47.6 per cent. Her victory in the popular vote swung the final unallocated delegate into her column, giving her 14 to 12 for Obama.

New Mexico Democrats call their contest a caucus, but it's more like a primary with shorter voting hours and fewer polling sites than in other primaries.

Problems at the polls this year included long line-ups, some up to three hours; too few ballots; confusion over where to vote; and bad weather in the north.