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Republican Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson (1942)

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Hunt for Red November


Candidate status: Announced
Announced candidacy on September 5, 2007

Current job: Actor -- most recently appeared on TVís "Law & Order." ABC radio commentator

Birth date: August 19, 1942, Sheffield, Alabama

Family: Married Jeri Kehn Thompson (2001-present); divorced Sarah Knestrickin 1985.

Religion: Protestant

Education: Memphis State University, B.S., 1964; Vanderbilt University Law School, J.D., 1967


Practicing attorney; also a lobbyist for many years.

1969-1972: Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Middle Tennessee district.

1973-1974: Minority counsel for the U.S. Senate Watergate Committee.

1980: Special counsel to Tennesseeís Gov. Lamar Alexander.

1985: Played himself in the movie "Marie," about a woman determined to reveal political corruption.

1994: Elected to serve the remainder of Al Goreís Senate term after Gore became vice president.

1996: Re-elected to U.S. Senate for his first full term. He does not seek re-election in 2002 to resume his acting career.

2002-2007: Joined the cast of TVís "Law and Order" as prosecutor Arthur Branch.

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